Agrimotion Consulting’s service offering is built on 5 pillars, each specializing on a specific area in fruit production and focused on getting results for our clients.

soil horti Remote sensing irri training


Soil classification and new orchard development

The soil service uses soil classification as basis for making informed and holistic development decisions. The best long term agricultural results are enjoyed when soil limiting factors are identified and rectified prior to planting.

Reconnaissance soil mapping

  • Evaluation of the agricultural potential of farms for sale and purchase purposes.
  • Identification of high potential soils for cultivation.
  • Evaluation of land usability for sustainable horticultural crop cultivation.
  • Identification of soil limiting factors.

Detailed soil mapping

  • Identification of soil limiting factors
  • Determination of soil potential for perennial crop cultivation
  • Maps with details regarding soil potential, soil physical and chemical preparation and ideal orchard design
  • Orchard development report which includes advice on ideal soil preparation, soil amelioration, crop, cultivar and/or rootstock selection, ideal row spacing, irrigation planning, drainage design , soil moisture probe placement, windbreak designs, fumigation, young tree soil and foliar nutrition and covercrops.

Orchard designs

  • Terroir advice – selection of the correct crop/cultivar and rootstock for a given soil and landscape.
  • Identification and alleviation of limiting factors.
  • See Soil Precision Services above.

Variable Rate Nutrient Application

  • Soil sampling of existing orchards or new agricultural developments
  • Recommendations on ideal soil amelioration
  • Conversion of recommendation into shape file format
  • Application of nutrients variably using GPS technology (in association with Agribalance™)
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Independent crop nutrition & cultivar-rootstock selection

Our nutrition programmes are based on orchard history including foliar and soil analysis, irrigation system and crop & cultivar type. Recommendations are crop based and are completely independent of product sales. Our nutrition programs provide maximum fertilizer use efficiency and accommodate a variety of management styles.

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This service includes:

Crop Nutrition

  • Integrated fertilisation programmes
  • Integrated foliar nutrition programmes
  • Leaf analysis services
  • High-tech fertigation programmes
  • Orchard visits to adjust nutrition programmes

Plant Manipulation

  • Action programmes for better fruit quality
  • Action plans to address poor orchard uniformity
  • Pruning advice by horticultural and viticulture consultants
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Agricultural technology application

We identify and apply technologies that have the potential to add value to our clients’ business. Our flagship service is the IMPI solution. IMPI stands for Imagery and Management Practice Integration. We use areal images to identify areas of variation within orchards and then we use our technical skills to go and identify the limitations within those weaker areas. The outcomes are improved orchard uniformity, through combining sound advice with a GIS foundation for better spatial management.

The individual facets of our remote sensing services include:

  • True colour and near infrared imagery (NDVI) of farms
  • Identify prominent zones of variation within blocks using the NDVI imagery acquired by UAV, Airplane or Satellite
  • Identify zones where soil moisture probes can be placed
  • Identify zones where leaf and soil sampling can be taken
  • Divide or ranch production areas based on crop uniformity
  • Provide reports accompanied by GPS compatible files (shape files) so that consultants, contractors and farmers can navigate to management zones
  • Provide soil science, horticultural and/or irrigation services of areas of variation to identify and alleviate the cause of variation

Weather analyses

  • Investigate crop-climate suitability
  • Compile wind analysis reports to establish the need and positioning of wind breaks
  • Determine cold units and heat units accumulation for crop and cultivar selection
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Probe placement & audits and crop specific irrigation

The irrigation division incorporates understanding of soil, crop physiology, climate and monitoring apparatus to schedule irrigation. Irrigation short courses are presented aimed at developing the skills of production teams. Clients enjoy increased fruit quality, water use efficiency and understanding of irrigation when using the Agrimotion Irrigation service.

This service includes:

Independent probe audits

  • To confirm that probes are positioned in representative zones
  • Soils classified noting root depth, root quality for future reference and calculations.
  • Soil samples are taken and water holding capacity is analysed from accredited labs

Theoretical irrigation scheduling

Calculated using analysed water holding capacity, recorded rooting depth, irrigation system specifications, plant spacing, A-pan evaporation and actual timing of each blocks phenological stage

Probe graph adjustments

  • Rooting depth & water holding capacity entered into scheduling software
  • Upper and lower irrigation lines set
  • Cultivar lines according to phonological stages set and maintained.

Fruit growth graphs

  • Measure fruit diameters weekly and compare with irrigation to evaluate block throughout the season and manage pro-actively.
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Crop specific skills development

Agrimotion strives to set the standard in best practices through effective, practical and scientific training. A short course on fruit production is held once a year, attracting farmers from across the country. We also design tailor made courses according to a specific client’s needs. Our impact on farms is not limited to the advice we offer but also in the sharing of knowledge with management teams in order to recap old concepts and convey new ones.


Our crop set is constantly expanding and to date we have experience locally, in South Africa, in most East African countries as well as selected countries outside of Africa (Argentina, Uruguay and Georgia)

Crops South Africa East Africa International Outside of Africa
Pome Fruit X
Stone Fruit X X
Citrus X X X
Blueberries X X
Olives X
Table Grapes X X
Wine Grapes X X X
Macadamia Nuts X X
Pecan Nuts X
Pistachio Nuts X
Truffles X
Hops X
Sugarcane X
Tea X
Coffee X