What does the Agrimotion Independent Audit entail?

  1. No incentives from product salesAIA-logo
  2. The use of independent and accredited labs
  3. Registered with the South African Council for Natural and Scientific Professionals (SACNASP)


Agrimotion’s definition of Independence :
Independence allows one the privilege to make decisions freely and without influence or pressure from external parties. Being independent means being in control, and this in turn allows for consistency, fairness and honesty. Independence is a safeguard against hidden agendas and incompetence.

Agrimotion’s advantage by being Independent :
We remain in control of our business’s development. We are able to deliver scientific agricultural advice to our clients with no strings attached. It is our prerogative with whom we collaborate and our degree of flexibility in order to suit a specific project’s needs. We therefor determine the frontiers within which we chose work. Independence allows us to be unbiased and protects our scientific credibility.

The benefits to agriculture by using Independent consultants :
Independent consultants are not influenced by product sales, and the advice provided is not compromised in order to suit a third party’s commercial agenda. Independent consultants are able to provide an external opinion with no ulterior motives. Independence allows for individuality, which in turn brings forth innovation.

The possible drawbacks to Independence :
Independence can lead to isolation and exclusion for commercially driven projects. When Independence is taken too far, it can also lead to disobedience and rebellion. Independence does not liberate one beyond the rules of industry’s governing bodies, but it can give credibility in order to challenge such institutions.