Dear valued client,

Our ethos at Agrimotion is to build trust and share hope. We will continue to do so in this challenging time.


Further to the latest regulations:

• Our number one focus remains the health of everyone involved (clients & their families, staff & their families)

• All Agrimotion team members will therefore continue to work remotely with the necessary technology to continue supporting you.

• We continue to service all our South African clients as far as is possible. Please find the official Agrimotion policy for client and farm visits below.

• We request that you respect these protocols for farm visits.


We continue to not put clients, their staff, Agrimotion staff and families, at risk, whilst we continue operating.

We adhere to the following principles when we visit a farm:

• Wear a mask and wash our hands frequently

• Have all the required documents & permits with us to verify that we are an essential service provider

• No more than 2 Agrimotion staff-members per farm visit

• If a team member is showing COVID-19 symptoms THEY WILL NOT VISIT A CLIENT OR FARM


Our other policies remain in place:

• Remote work for all staff until further notice

• Limited domestic flights and no international flights allowed

• No more than two consultant in a car or per visit

• We avoid meeting in person with other team members as far as possible

• We do our best to limit meeting in person with clients or farm workers, but if we must, we will wear a mask and practice social distancing whilst avoiding travelling in the same closed vehicle with clients

• We are not attending training/conferencing/workshop sessions at all

• We adhere to all other Government regulations in this time:


Most of the labs are operational regarding analysis of soil or other materials, and are working on a turnaround time of 14-20 working days.