What is IMPI?

IMPI is a management tool that aims to assist farmers with, and facilitate the journey toward digital farming.

The four pillars of IMPI are:


Display your weekly NDVI data, farm blocks and assets (probes, traps, etc.)


Access your field applications like soil moisture tests, yield observations, leader growth, and many more.


Receive your personalised programs, reports, maps, and Agrimotion Consultant field observations on your account.


IMPI can integrate with other service providers to give our clients one platform for all their data.

Who can use IMPI?

Anyone with a computer or cellphone can use the web application. IMPI has an an “easy to use” interface which enables clients to view their farm data and make informed decisions.

Soil analysis maps can be loaded per parameter

Receive the latest 4 NDVI images shown by default, with weekly updates. Shown as points that represent a 10 x 10m grid each

Field observations made by your Agrimotion Consultant is shown on IMPI

Farm Blocks and related info displayed (planting system, nutrition, irrigation, etc.) – if available

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